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Brilliance Medical Spa prides itself in offering its clients a numerous selection of peels that are appropriate for all skin types and for specific indication.  Our peels include glycolic facial peels which are produced from simple cane sugar and do a wonderful job of imparting better texture and reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.  While glycolic facial peels have been around for some time, they are still extremely effective.  Our esthetician, Margaret Wolfe, has 15 years of experience with all types of peels.*

Chemical Peel with Microderm Abrasion:  Once again, these beta hydroxyl peels, along with microdermabrasion provides an added benefit for the treatment of skin.  This is a deeper type of exfoliation and really leaves your skin looking radiant.*

Sensitive/Rosacea Peel:  The rosacea peels that are present are formulated for rosacea patients and this peel does a wonderful job of mitigating the appearance of photo damaged skin as well as skin with rosacea pigmentation.  The skin is left brighter looking, more luminous, and the enlarged pores are diminished greatly in size.  It can be used on all types of skin.*

Teen Acne Peel:  We recommend this type of peel for our teenagers every two weeks.  It does a wonderful job of minimizing any breakouts of acne.  It diminishes the oily and acne-prone nature of skin and it can be used against acne on the chest, the back and the face.  This is worthwhile pursuing for those of you who have teenagers with this problem.*

Signature Peels:  We have some signature peels that also include a Vitamin A peel which actually stimulates new collagen production, as well as exfoliation and really speeds up the ability of the epidermis to renew itself and create new protein synthesis.*

Vitamin A-C Peels:  This is a peel that utilizes both Vitamin A and C and seems to be very effective for darker complexions.  It does leave a bit of a tingling sensation from the peel solution, but practically painless.*

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