Body Sculpting - Cellulite & Fat Reduction in Michigan - Non-Surgical Options
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Dr. Joseph Berenholz now offers Vanquish fat reduction in Michigan

Body Sculpting



Dr. Joseph Berenholz, M.D. is excited to now offer Vanquish Fat Reduction at his Farmington Hills, Michigan OB/GYN practice.

Vanquish is an exciting technology from the BTL Corporation. This radio frequency multi panel device wraps itself around the patient’s abdomen and delivers radio frequency thermal energy which is only impeded by fat. This impedance with fan that causes the fat cells to heat and die.vanquish has been shown to be superior to many other devices in the reduction of circumferential abdomen size.*

Many patients see a reduction of 1 to 2 sizes in their waist.this exciting procedure takes 45 minutes is extremely comfortable with no pain or discomfort involved. The patient can simply lie there wrapped in the comfort of vanquish and enjoy the reduction of fat from their waist.*

Protégé Elite

Protégé elite is a remarkable device from the BTL corporation.  It is a one-of-a-kind technology which includes “intelligence impedance”. This intelligence impedance delivers more power where needed and reduces power where it is not needed. The powerful 90 W handpiece delivers radio frequency to the face inducing collagen elastin and tightening in the facial tissue. The Protégé system delivers more energy to the facial tissue than almost any other technology currently available. Come see what all the excitement is about.*

ThermiSmooth 250

Thermi Smooth 250 is the complete body solution from The Thermi Corporation. Whether it’s cellulite in the thighs to irregular fat contour of the abdomen or delicate tissue around the eyes the variable size plates and attachments for Thermi  Smooth 250 allows the accomplished aesthetician at brilliance medical spa to address the patient’s needs from head to toe.*

Thermi Smooth 250 has just received FDA approval for the treatment of sore muscles. Whether it’s muscle spasm in the lower back or pain from trauma or spasm in the shoulders or elbows, ThermiSmooth 250 delivers deep penetrating heat delivering pain relief for many people.*

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