PRP Facelift | Fillers | Botox | Facial Rejuvenation in Michigan
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Facial Rejuvenation


Filler Injections:  It should be noted that we have injections which include Botox, Xeomin, Juvederm, and Restylane injections.  These are all, of course, perfect for smoothing out lines and wrinkles of the face, as well as filling in depleted areas where fat has been lost secondary to aging.*

PRP Injections for Hair Loss:  This exciting modality includes taking the patient’s blood, spinning it down in a centrifuge and using the platelet rich plasma that is left at the top and injecting it in the scalp line, as well as areas that are devoid of hair.  The seven or so growth factors present in platelet rich plasma stimulates growth, preservation of already existing hair, and also stimulates stem cell activity.  This is exceedingly popular and the demand has been great.*


PRP Facials and PRP Facelifts:  This is micro-needling the face with a micro-needle pen and then applying the patient’s own plasma rich platelet solution which drives the solution deep into the skin, regenerating and promoting growth, thickness, new skin and epidermal cell production.*

There is also the direct introduction of PRP under the skin with injections. This, similar to fillers, is the injection of PRP in area that need to be smoothed out, whether it is the eyelids, the tired sagging bags under the eyes, the lips themselves, or the various furrows in areas of the face that are devoid of fat secondary to aging.  This is very exciting and we love this new technology and the effect that is has on patients.  The beauty of the sciences is that we are using the patient’s own plasma and stimulating growth.*

Dermaplaning Facial:  This type of peel is excellent for reducing dead skin and vellus hair, better known as peach fuzz.  It has become very popular for the face, as well as the arms.*

Extraction Facial:  This is a type of steam exfoliation which includes manual extractions, and where necessary, an appropriate mask will be used.  This is very effective for deep exfoliation.

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